Top 40+ Easy and Luxury Style DIY Home Decor Ideas (With Printables)

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DIY Beach-Themed Wall Art Printables

If you’re looking to create a more inviting space. Download and print the printables below to bring some relaxation to your home.

Top 40+ Easy and Luxury Style DIY Home Decor Ideas (With Printables)
Top 40+ Easy and Luxury Style DIY Home Decor Ideas (With Printables)

1. DIY Pet Art


2. Book Planter

plants sit in a book

Source: Shutterfly


3. String Art


4. Monogram Pillow


23. Metallic Pears

pears are painted for decor

Source: Shutterfly


6. Bamboo Orb Lights

lights in an orb shape

Source: Crafty Nest


7. Polaroid Gallery Wall


8. Mason Jar Herb Garden

jars hold different herbs

Source: Shutterfly


9. Lace Bowls and Jars


10. Painted Pumpkins

painted pumpkins sit on table

Source: Shutterfly


11. Refurbished Dresser


12. Festive Wreath

wreath with patriotic bows

Source: Gluesticks


13. Colorful Painted Pillows


14. DIY Wall Lamp

lamp is made from bulb and rope

Source: Maiden


15. Personalized Paperweight

paperweight sits next to book

Source: Shutterfly


16. Rustic Picture Frames


17. Polka Dot Wall Art

polka dot painting framed and hung on wall

Source: With Heart


18. DIY Photo Board

a frame holds photos

Source: Shutterfly


19. Decorative Vases


20. Wood Pallet Wall

wall is made from wood pallets

Source: Cape 27


21. Mason Jar Portraits

mason jars with photos

Source: Shutterfly


22. Coffee Mug Rack


23. Farmhouse Gallery Wall


24. Mason Jar Votives

mason jars with candles in them

Source: Shutterfly


25. DIY Geometric Art


26. Twine Wrapped Bottles

bottles are used as centerpiece

Source: Shutterfly


27. DIY Wooden Headboard


28. Wood Slice Chalkboard


29. White Frame Gallery Wall

photos are hung on wall

Source: Wholefully


30. DIY Ribbon Chandelier


31. Statement Mirror


32. Heart Photo Collage

photos in the shape of a heart

Source: Fresh Mommy


33. 50 Year Collage

photos arranged in a number

Source: Shutterfly


34. Monogram Planter

monogrammed cube holds a plant

Source: Shutterfly


35. Vinyl Geometric Art


36. Hanging Yarn Art


37. Hoop Garland

baby photos are on a gold wreath

Source: Shutterfly


38. Heart Photo Wall

heart collage on the wall

Source: Shutterfly


39. Painted Welcome Sign


40. Washi Tape Photo Display


41. Christmas Card Garland

a garland is made out of christmas cards

Source: Shutterfly