I am eager now to share DIY together with you and this entertaining. I love love love all of the child rainbows which have been making the rounds whether that’s on clothes, wall decoration, luxurious items –anything! –but I additional love the tiny rope rainbow fashion of that Mandi Smethells is your queen. I have a tendency to want to take everything that is fun and help it become oversized and that I was fairly confident that a rope rainbow inside her vibe could be amazing on a big scale and it turns out I was correct!! Can you imagine what I used to create a variation rather than ropes? I will provide you a clue splash!

-5 pool noodles (did you guess it?)
-thick cotton rope (try the trim section of your craft/fabric store)
-thick yarn in preferred colors (I didn’t use more than the yarn you see above, so one large yarn should be enough for my size)
-hot glue gun
-X-Acto knife and scissors
10′ of 3/8″ copper coil tubing
mini pipe cutter
4cm wool felt balls (I used the coral color)
cat brush

First you’re likely to choose how long you need your rainbow colour to be, which will establish the size of your rainbow–because it is the coating. I desired my outer coating to be more than my pool noodles were, so I cut 8″ of the other noodle and hot glued this segment on the finish of the next full length you to provide me an additional long noodle to use. It took me a little to determine yet bent and what to use as the backbone of the rainbow as I wanted. I remember watching these aluminum coils and that I thought they’re excellent and they may be worth a shot! You might have to try out up the coil within the next size Should you do a rainbow compared to this. It’ll be more difficult to bend into position, but more powerful as bent into shape.

When your pipe is trimmed, be sure it is the proper length for your own noodle then utilize an X-Acto knife to split out a number of the interior part of the last 1″ approximately of every noodle finish so that you have a bigger space to include your rope fringe in the end. Pool noodles are simple to cut in to, so this component should not be hard.

Then, hot paste your yarn end to one end of the noodle and then begin to (are you ready for it?) Twist the noodle to wrap the yarn round the noodle. It’s time consuming but it’s waaaay more easy to spin the noodle compared to wrap the yarn. Keep the yarn hands in place and apply the hand to twist the entire body that is noodle as you move. I glued my yarn and then twisted the noodle from me, however, if you’re left handed if this is more comfortable, you might choose to begin on the left side and then twist. Keep twisting and twisting until you’ve got roughly 3″ of yarn-covered noodle then push all of the yarn towards the finish you began from to float the yarn and then make certain it is super closely packed without a pool noodle beneath in sight (it’ll also keep the noodle coated if you bend it into a rainbow silhouette as well if it is closely packed dye ).

Keep pushing and twisting every 3″ of yarn till you reach the finish. I used more adhesive to fasten the yarn into the noodle over the last 1″ of this noodle then tucked the finish to the noodle opening and then glued it into place.

Together with your noodle slide in your copper pipe which you just cut to fit and then bend it into your rainbow form. I left mine a little a taller/skinnier rainbow, but you can do a shorter/wider just as well in the event that you prefer. Ensure that your noodle is long enough to fit inside that form and start to wrap that noodle When it is bent into position. Put it back within the noodle to check the fit when you are almost done wrapping that noodle. Usually adding the yarn changes how much noodle duration you require, so you’ll only want to keep checking the span until you have four layers, and completing the end with every color for each noodle! Since you’ll have leftover aluminum pipe after adding it to your outside noodle, use the rest inside among the inner layers of noodles and that will allow it to keep its shape even better. This is also a fantastic time to have a bit of yarn the color of your next coating in and tie it on your pool noodle, therefore, you have a hanger on your soles to hang your rainbow out of. Much easier to do it now before you paste things together!

.Now it is time to paste our rainbow! So that it would not go from this place, I clamped my coating, but you might also put books or boxes and top/bottom to stay in place as you paste. Set a generous quantity of glue in the sides where another is touched by every noodle till you’ve got all of your layers intact, and add 1 layer at a time.

Now that your noodles are attached, take your thick rope, cut it double the length you want your tassel to be, and then tie some twine at the middle of the rope to keep the tassel together. If you can’t find super thick cotton rope, you can also cut three or four strands double your tassel length and just tie them all together in the middle for the same effect.
I did varying lengths for each noodle, but you can do them all the same too. Now if you like that curly look once you unwind the rope, you can leave it that way or …
… you can use a pet brush to brush out the rope into one larger tassel.

As the finishing touch, glue some large felt balls around the perimeter of the rainbow and your sweet little project is ready to hang!

I couldn’t be happier with the way this turned out and I’ve been going in her room simply to look at it during the day. It makes me happy! I wrapped it large enough that she’s not interested in attempting to play it, but when that changes I may just move it to a different wall.

Just a fast safety note: I am not concerned about Lola attaining this from a safety standpoint. She actually plays those sensed balls generally (and they aren’t a choking hazard size because of her since they are bigger ) and the remainder of the is yarn and swimming noodles. But should you make this on a smaller scale or merely little felt chunks, just be careful that it does not fall into the hands of the baby if there are things attached you would worry about them?

This is totally an item I would hang in any area in the home, and thus don’t feel like that is restricted to the room of a kid if you are not in this zone yet. I’m sure that this will make an appearance in a different room eventually too! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman.