40 DIY Beauty Tricks & Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money

Are you looking for Diy Beauty Tricks and Hacks that will save you a lot of money and time? Then you are on the right place… We gathered for you 40 Bests Diy Tricks. Let’s start…


40 DIY Beauty Tricks & Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money
40 DIY Beauty Tricks & Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money


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Don’t throw out a broken lipstick

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Turning Eye Shadow into Nail Polish


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 Clumpy mascara?


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Keep Lipstick Off Teeth


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White Eye Shadow Makes Eyes Stand Out


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Use Mascara as Eye Liner


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Step by Step Victoria’s Secret-Style Hair and Makeup



Apply Concealer in a Triangle Shape


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Make Your Own Gel Eyeliner


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Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre Gives a Professional Look


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Get a Great Graduated Manicure


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Set Lipstick to Last


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Make Your Own Lip Venom


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Get Longer, Fuller Lashes with Baby Powder




Get a Cupid’s Bow Shape with Lip Liner



Easy Method for Getting Rid of Split Ends


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Get a Polished Top Knot in Minutes


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Make Your Own Dry Shampoo


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Learn How to Contour Properly


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Learn How to Create a Winged Look with Eye Makeup


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Use a Rubber Band to Fix Your French Manicure


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Use a Business Card to Apply Mascara


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Get Winged Shape Eye Liner with a Spoon


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Get Great Nail Art – With a Band-Aid


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Quick and Easy Eye Shadow Using Gel Liner


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Check Makeup in the Car


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Use Glue for Easy Glitter Nail Polish Removal



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Elmer’s Glue for the Perfect Manicure


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Get Fuller Lips with Eye Shadow


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Make Waves Last Longer with Flat-Ironed Braids


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Brighten Eyes from the Inside Corners



Learn Where to Apply Perfume for All-Day Stay


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Fast-Dry Your Nail Polish



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Treat Bruises with Mouthwash


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Make Your Own Instant Bronzer


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Easy Gingham Check Nails


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Get Makeup Off Shirt Collars Easily



Keep Under Eye Concealer from Creasing



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